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about Us
The Company, PM Wire Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. main core business is in the Wire Rod Industry. We are catering on servicing the industry on Low Carbon Wires and High Carbon Wires. The main Industries usages of our Products are Automotive Domestic, Furniture and General Industries. The Wire Rod sizes of availability starting from 2.0mm diameter to 8.0mm diameter.

Proffesional Services
The Company Assurance goes beyond of Services. Our Products to our customer we aim High Quality Standards, and prompt delivery, our High Expectancy of implementations on 5S System to our factory floor and ISO 9001 Documentation Procedure to our customer products processes are been followed. Our stringent packaging of our raw materials, cut materials and component parts are with Packing Standard System for our customers.

Low Carbon Steel
- Hard DRAWN Wire
- Concrete Wire
- Steel Wool Wire
- Black Annealed Wire
- Spheroids Annealed Wire

High Carbon Steel
- Mechanical Spring Wire
- Bedding And Seating Wire
- Screen Wire
- Piano Wire
- Oil-Tempered Wire

We Also:
Render to customer for down-stream processes on Wire Bending, metal Stamping, TIG & MIG Welding, Spot Welding of complete parts e.g. R/R Seat frame, Spring Wires, Trimming Wires and Cushion Wires for the Automotive Sector. On the Furniture / Domestic Industry we cater too, in Child Parts, Component Parts e.g. Rack Trays, Shelf Trays and etc.

Our History
PM Wire Manufacturing commerce operation from 1st June 2009, but we have over 10years of track record, and experiences. Our company have experience dealing with large automotive company such as Hicom, AISB, OSI, TS-Lear and etc. We only will strive and continue working for supporting others.



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